Modular Test Lab Solutions


Airbag test system to determine the performance of airbag gas generators

The turnkey test laboratory for airbags enables the ignition of multi-channel airbag systems and the recording of the ignition curves (current/voltage) of all ignition stages as well as the synchronous recording of the videos from the integrated high-speed cameras.
In addition to the configuration and control of the hardware and the integrated systems (e.g. lighting system, high-speed cameras, extraction), the system also offers the recording of test-related information and the creation of a test report. The connection of the system to higher-level databases (e.g. traceability systems or databases for the administration of examinations and test results) is optionally possible on request. The test is carried out outside the climatic chamber as requested. Our software controls the entire process (light control, camera control, security system, activation of the chamber's slide system, ventilation switching, high-speed cameras). Operating errors are prevented as far as possible by a largely automated process.

Major advantages:

* turnkey complete solutions

* hardware with access security

* user-friendly interface

* tamper-proof test reports

* universal mobile central measuring unit

Airbag Testsystem
Airbag Testsystem

Messtechnik Performance

  • 2MHz per channel (optional 4MHz)
  • 24bit ADCs - extremely low noise and distortion free
  • Expandability up to 16 channels per device
  • Ultra-fast data transfer up to 175 MB/s
  • supported sensor types: ICP/IEPE; batch/cargo; gages
Airbag Testsystem