Gasgenerator Performance Testsystem


Gas generator performance test system to determine the performance of airbag gas generators

The airbag gas generators (airbag inflator) are installed in test cans (tanks) specially developed for this test and equipped with pressure sensors and sealed airtight.

Our ignition system ignites the gas generator (1-stage or multi-stage) and our high-performance measuring system records the pressure curves in the can.
After the test, the test systems are filtered, processed and mathematically evaluated in accordance with the standard.


- 28,3 Liter effektivem Prüfvolumen

- 60 Liter effektivem Prüfvolumen

- Liter effektivem Prüfvolumen

Gasgenerator Performance Testsystem
Gasgenerator Performance Testsystem

Messtechnik Performance

  • 2MHz per channel (optional 4MHz)
  • 24bit ADCs - extremely low noise and distortion free
  • Expandability up to 16 channels per device
  • Ultra-fast data transfer up to 175 MB/s
  • supported sensor types: ICP/IEPE; batch/cargo; gages